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Forecasts of 12 Animals of Chinese Zodiac in the year of Monkey 2016 (English Version only)
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【 2016 Forecast of Each of the 12 Animals of Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖流年運程逐個講 】
by Wendy Suen 2016
12 Animals of Chinese Zodiac in 2016 丙申年十二生肖

You have challenges and opportunities for new source of income, but there are ‘Bad Stars’ to cause your good luck unstable. Think twice before you make any aggressive decisions. You will go more smoothly in the second half of the year, but on the whole, 2016 is not suitable for you to go too aggressively. Stay calm, take wise choices and safeguard your budgets for any unexpected expenditures. Go for partners who belong to “Ox” (屬牛) as those are the ones who can bring you luck in doing business this year.

Career: There are changes in the management (or your boss) of your company, but it would not affect you much if you can cope with it with extra patience. Your new boss is not bad at all and your colleagues continue to give you good support. The change may defer your chance for promotion, but will not affect good salary increase. For those who are in the ‘Agency’ and ‘Public Relation’ business, 2016 is a good year for you.

Romance: There are disturbances for both Male and Female singles, be more considerate about the steady relationships with your girl or boy friends respectively. Those who have married may have small finance issue to argue with your spouse, or minor arguing involving your spouse's family.
Health: Take extra care to avoid arm, leg and skull injury when doing sport or exercise. Extra care for sensitive skin and Migraine due to working hard.

You have good income this year, but there will still be a deficit as the “Spending Star” urges you to spend excessively and forces your wealth fluctuate resulting a loss. Luckily, your good friends are there to give you a big hand, lifting your career and romance as well. In short, in 2016, to spend less is a good strategy for you. It will be a reasonably happy year for you.
Career: Those who are doing business will have good opportunities for expansion in addition to keeping good relationship with the existing clients. But there are “Bad Stars” among the good ones, try your best to match your expenditures well with the revenues; do not go over. You can go a bit more aggressive but beware of the hard competitors, do not go too fast and better safeguard your positive position. Your luck for lucky money is good this year but still do not go too far. Those who are employees will have a good year in terms of salary increase & promotion. But you’d better try to be more compromising, especially with your colleagues. Concentrate more on doing your part well and avoid any unnecessary disputes. For those who plan to change jobs, the Third Quarter may be a good timing.
Health: It is easy to get injured this year, especially on legs, knees and waist. Watch out from falling when doing high risk sport and domestic work; also take care when using knife or axe etc. Jogging and Yoga may be more suitable for you as sport.

Those who belong to “Tiger” are “going against Tai Sui” (沖太歲) this year. Be more patient and staying calm is the best strategy to face the ups and downs of the luck in career, income and emotion. Meanwhile,“keep moving” is a pattern in parallel to your luck. Taking more leisure and business trips are good for you as well as changing jobs, home and doing renovations etc. Bear in mind that any moving and changing may be in a good direction for you; be well prepared with a positive attitude.
: Do not expect too much on increasing income; in the opposite, there may be more expenditures and net deficit. Be more conservative in budget planning, investment and spending. Try to work harder and rely more on your own effort as far as incoming money is concerned.
: If possible, take any challenges available to move overseas or to work in subsidiaries. Working harder pays and gets superiors’ endorsement; especially for those in the police, fire department and customs. For those who plan to change jobs, do planning only when the new job is firmly secured.
Health: In the year of “going against Tai Sui”, more attention should be paid to avoiding injury or not activating old harms; such as when working with machine and knife as well as driving car. Consulting your dentist this year is a good tactic for diverting the above proactively as a way to preventing harms.

You are facing 2 “Failure Stars” this years. In the midst of ups and downs, maintaining a good luck throughout the year would not be easy but is achievable with extra care. Firstly, keeping your emotion steady is important to build good relation with people around you. Secondly, your good friends are the ones who could give you a hand to solve problems. Thirdly, do not stand guarantor or act as a middleman for friends too easily; your luck is not suitable. This year is suitable for you to take time to go further studies as an asset for future career development.
: It seems to have good luck and new opportunities in expanding wealth, yet the potential for loss behind is not obvious to see. Do not invest too much, evaluate the associated risks more. Stick to your old clients and superiors, they are the ones who would continue to support you and provide you with a fortune. Rely more on your own effort and creativity.
Career: Your development this year depends more upon your relation with others. Your luck for promotion is there, but the pressure and competition associated with it are relatively great; therefore staying calm could help a lot. For those who plan to change jobs, evaluate more thoroughly as this year is a good time for changing.

Health: Relatively well except need to take good care of your emotion for working too hard. Spend more time on exercising and relaxing. Take more care for sensitive throat to avoid flu and sickness from air pollution etc.

It will be a difficult year in term of luck for the “Dragons”, the rewards do not match with the effort spent in career and romance. Be more realistic and make progress step by step; and not be discouraged by the discrepancy. Consider this year as a stepping stone for next year’s career development by preparing yourselves through further studies or gaining an additional occupation qualification.

Wealth: Need creativity to expand market and to keep old customers as well. The North-western direction could bring you more luck but still need to evaluate the risks and do not take any big steps or invest too much. The luck this year with your subordinates may let you down, so need to strengthen the trust and relation with them. The luck for wealth could only be improved in the second half of the year, so be patient.
: Luck to receive support from superiors is only averagely good, but the support from your subordinates is poor, and may even consume your extra effort to take care of them. Rely more on your own contribution. Having plans to change jobs may not be wise this year, better stick with the present one and see. Going for further occupation qualification will be fruitful.
: You meet “White Tiger Star” (白虎) this year, need to review carefully any kidney and bladder problem. Also watch your appetite for not gaining overweight and stirring stomach problem. Those who have had high blood pressure and Diabetes, also need to work harder to control.

Although the “Snakes” have good luck of getting superior’s support, health improvement and personal development, they are “in disputes with Tai Sui” (刑太歲) this year. The adverse effect is easily being emotional, annoyed and disturbed. Trying to stay calm, low-key and be more compromising is important to keep good relation with people around you. Taking leisure trips or going further studies will help this year.
Wealth: Being “in dispute with Tai Sui” means you need to consume more of your resource than usual to deal with it. Even you have opportunities to expand your business, you need to face hard competition and increasing costs. To break through, you need innovative ideas and better rely more on your own hard work. Take care of your tight budgets and financial position well.
: As employees, the “Snakes” have good support from superiors; especially from female bosses. But the relation with your colleagues may get worse due to your disturbed emotion. Trying to be nice and low-key is advantageous to your work. This year is not suitable for changes, so do not insist to change jobs including internal move.
: Your health status gets improvement this year, may be there are still some minor problems. Yet watch your appetite to avoid stomach problem; especially when going overseas. Doing more exercise can help to improve and relax your emotional disturbance.

You have “Obstinate Star” and “Sad Star” around to disturb you this year, so it is easy for you to feel nervous and under pressure. Go and do more exercise and sports, especially water sports will help your luck to improve.

Wealth: Your luck for income is fairly good but you have signs of losing money, so rely more on yourselves to earn and keep the wealth. The desire to take business opportunities is aggressively strong and this helps to expand your business. But in view of the unstable factors with your luck, do not go too far and need to tighten your budgets. This year extra care needs to be taken when signing documents such as business contracts to avoid faults and paying penalties. It is a hard working year for the “Horses” and visiting your customers more in the front line by yourselves will pay.
Career: The “Horses” have good chances to have promotions but as a result the workload and new challenges insert additional pressure which may form obstacles for you. Spending more time to strengthen the relation with colleagues and try to be more compromising will help to ease the situation.
Health: This year is a good year for you. There are no big problems to bother you, only the pressure from work makes you nervous. Spend more time to relax and do more exercises. Younger “Horses” should pay attention to the “Obstinate Star” which may cause you injury when doing sports. Also drive and obey traffic signs carefully, to avoid receiving traffic tickets.

This year the “Sick Star” is nearby to disturb your emotion and also make you easily get nervous and annoyed. Pay more attention to keep the relation with others. In addition, there are more small problems with your health such as Migraine and minor ankle injuries. Other than these, the “Goats” will have a lucky year in term of wealth, career and romance.

Wealth: The luck is obviously better than last year. There are opportunities for new challenges. Although it is not strong, there is also a sign of losing money. It is likely to reveal that money comes easily but also goes away fast. Take more time to evaluate new investments and invest according to your capability; do not go too far. Finance funding may involve family members this year, also do it accordingly to the real need and budgets.

Career: The chance of promotion and rewards are surprisingly good. You also have good superiors to support you well. The new challenges and environments may make you nervous, but the luck can lead you through, so be confident. The relation with your colleagues may be worsen, but concentrating more to do your part well will help as well as talk to your good friends more often.

Health: This year you will only have minor problems to bother you; they come and then go. It may make you feel nervous but remember to keep yourselves rest well; and take more time for relaxing & relaxation exercises.

This year “Tai Sui” is with you on the same site (坐太歲), and is also called (伏吟) which mainly means “facing changes”. These changes may consume you more resources and effort than usual, and also induce risks for you to solve. But if you can overcome, it may lead you via a positive direction. Therefore whether it is good or bad, also depends on the individual’s original fortune. In general, one should expect that there will be some obstacles on the way, so do not invest too much and you better safeguard your present position well. Meanwhile, do not set your targets too high and keep your mind calm all the time, then you will keep this year going more smoothly for yousrelves.

Wealth: “Facing Changes” means there are risks of losing money. Doing business should not invest too much and too fast; and should keep some spare money for some unexpected expenses. Keeping less cash, doing less speculation on stocks etc. and investing in longer term properties should be more suitable for you which at the same time helps to ease the negative situation of having “Tai Sui on site”.

Career: There are changes in your work places including management or your direct bosses. This requires more time for you to adjust and cope with. Should not consider to change job; staying behind and be patient are good tactics.

Health: Recommend to do a health check early in the year. Consulting your dentist and doing blood donation are good for you this year.

Congratulations! You have a very lucky year in the year of Monkey. You have 2 Lucky Stars with you this year; namely the “Wisdom Star” and the “Prestige Star”. They help to boost up your luck in career and wealth. 2016 is good for those who belong to “Cock” and are in the sales, public relation, writers and entertainment business. They gain fame and good incomes.

Wealth: Your luck is obviously better than last year. Those who are in the sales and public relation business can have outstanding performance and better incomes. Others doing business still need innovation and creativity for expanding markets.

Career: Relation with management and colleagues improves. Performance receives appraisals from clients and the boss. Luck in chances for promotion and new challenges. But the luck with your subordinates is relatively poor, you need a clear mind to strengthen the working relation with them; otherwise you will be involved in the mistakes they make.

Health: You have a good year to improve your overall health. But you may have more banquets to attend, watch out for your appetite for not gaining overweight. This year is a good year to have a thorough overall body health check to ensure your healthy status. Those who have had high blood pressure and diabetes should take a chance to work harder for improvements.

The luck for the “Dogs” this year ranges from fair to good. The lucky stars with you do not represent wealth or career; but help you to have clear mind and get along well with people around you.

Wealth: The luck for wealth is not too outstanding. Those who are doing business need innovation for new markets and work harder to gain continuous support from old customers. This year you will find that it is difficult in the first half of the year but it goes much more smoothly in the second. For those who like short term speculation, your luck this year is only fair, so do it in accordance with what you can afford; and better set a lower target.

Career: Your luck here is also fair. The chance for promotion is not obvious. You need to work harder to secure good salaries. If you really want to change jobs, try to contact your old bosses or superiors. As you have a clear mind this year, so engaging in a further vocational training is good for your future career development.

Health: Your health have improvement and is better than last year. Need to care for your respiratory system; particularly for those who have been sensitive. This year you may get weaker; strengthen your domestic air refreshing quality is good for you.

This year you are “in confrontation with Tai Sui” (害太歲). This will only affect your relation with others and your luck in health. Influenced by the element of “Fire”, you will easily get annoyed and confronted with others. Remember that trying to keep calm all the time will save you the trouble of arguing with others.

Wealth: Your luck in wealth is not stable this year. You have good opportunities for good income, but it may not be easy for you to keep in accordance to the “sign of losing money”. Therefore, try to spend less and save more. For those who are doing business, you have offers for new joint ventures, need to evaluate the risks thoroughly and better stay conservative. Try to hold less cash and invest in longer term and lower risk commodities.

Career: Your luck here is fair this year. Safeguard your present position is important for you; particularly in the first half of the year. Be more careful and be patient in solving problems. You will go more smoothly and have good result by the third quarter. Those who are employees will find the competition hard; so having good relationship with others is important. This year is not suitable for those who want to change jobs.

Health: Take good care of arm, leg and ankles. Those who have old harms, do less high risk sports such as climbing, skiing. Full health checking of high blood pressure and diabetes etc. is recommended.

- End of Forecasts -
by Wendy Suen
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